Centre for Ethnic Minorities & Community Projects

The charity focuses on immigrants and refugees given a safe haven within the Glasgow and Edinburgh area. The charity helps to build relationship between immigrant and refugee families and the communities they live in.

We organise community based events and activities, demonstrating ways they can get involved in the community. By doing so, individuals and families may feel welcome and get better connected with people within their communities. We also provide families and individuals with the right information and resources to help them build their lives in Scotland.

One of our main aims as a charity, is to provide our users with enough support to help with the settling down process and bring a smile to their faces.

Offer of Support

We provide information and referrals to those who cannot afford to provide food for them and their families to food banks. We also give free...

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We offer an advisory service to families and individuals coming into Edinburgh and Glasgow to make Scotland their home. We give advice on welfare...

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Youth Development

We improve community youth development by actively engaging with youth and teenagers through a series of organised initiatives. We run sports...

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Community Integration

We work with families who have being subjected to racial intimidation and violence where they live. We offer support through...

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Recreational Facilities

We have facilities set up to give respite to single parents who need some time alone or want to take up education or work, an opportunity to...

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Conflict Resolution

We advocate for the rights of our service users, especially those with the treat of eviction from their homes. We act on behalf of...

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