About Us

The charity focuses on migrants and refugees within the Glasgow and Edinburgh area. The charity helps to build relationship between migrant and refugee families and the communities they live within.

We organise community events and activities, demonstrating ways they can get involved in the community. By doing so, individuals and families may feel welcome and get better connected with people within their communities.

We will also provide families and individuals with the right information and resources to help them build their lives in Scotland.

One of our main aims is to provide adequate support to migrant families which we hope will help put a smile on their faces.

Our approach is to creating a safe haven for our service users and also providing them with support is done through mentoring, social enterprise, training and education. In addition, the community centre seeks to develop the skills of our service users through the offer of English language courses, CV building courses and other essential life skills training.

As a Social Enterprise, sustainability is at the heart of our organisation. We ensure that all donations received are reinvested in to achieving our aims and objectives. We have firsthand experience of being a migrant in the UK, with some of our trustees having financial and commercial backgrounds.

We are currently seeking donations to go towards the cost of securing a premises in Westerhailes which we hope would become our Edinburgh Hub.

Any amount is greatly appreciated!!