What We Do

Offer of support

We also intend to provide information and refer those who cannot afford to provide food for them and their families to food banks. We also intend on holding free cooking classes which will focus on healthy cheaper recipes. We also intent to offer clothing and house hold furniture to those with families, as first priority.
Advisory service - We offer an advisory service to migrant families and individuals coming to Scotland to make a home for themselves in Edinburgh and Glasgow. We give advice on welfare benefits and other entitlements.


We offer basic English as a foreign language classes to adult migrants who cannot communicate very well in English. We believe this is very important for them to feel as part of the Scottish society. We will offer these classes through a fully CELTA qualified teacher (Certificate in teaching English Language To an Adult). This we believe will also open doors of opportunities for employment to these individuals.
In cases that are urgent, we will endeavour to provide translators for the family.

Youth development

We intend to enhance community youth development by actively engaging with youth and teenagers through organising a number of initiatives. We will run sports days, with opportunities to play different types of sports. We will run activities like coaching sessions and trips to summer camps. We will also assist them with CV writing and development.

We are currently working to identify and develop partnerships with businesses locally and out with Westerhailes, who are happy to provide work experience and apprenticeships to young people and teenagers.

We will also have drop in sessions where youth children having problems at school or at home can come and get the help and support they need. We will have a dedicated family worker who will support and advocate on behalf of these young people.

Community development and integration

We will work with families who are being subjected to racial intimidation and violence where they live. We would support them with making a case to the relevant housing organisation to be relocated in the most extreme of circumstances. We would help them keep a diary, noting dates, number of attacks and what happened during those attacks. We will also accompany them to police meetings.
The charity will try to raise awareness and promote community integration by organising community campaigns to deal with the problem.
We will also attempt to link people from the same ethnic backgrounds together to build their social confidence and their gradual integration into the local community. This will be done with each individual member’s consent.

We will also try to build the confidence of the families by organising family day out trips to land mark sites in Scotland. We believe this will encourage integration and an acceptance of Scotland as their new home.

Providing recreational facilities

We will act to give respite to single parents who may want some time alone or want to take up learning or work, an opportunity to drop their children aged between 3 and 10 at our premises for a maximum of two hours. The children will be provided with a secure and supervised soft play area to stay and play, though children between 6 and 10 will have a separate area to play.

Conflict resolution

We advocate for the rights of our service users, especially those with the treat of eviction from their homes. We act on behalf of those individuals who cannot cope with the stress of going to meetings and ultimately getting the situation resolved. We offer to put together a payment plan that they can afford and which would be accepted by the landlord.

One of our activity programmes is running tutorial sessions on how to do basic budgeting. We will also ensure our service users are able to follow the weekly bidding process that is used to register an interest in a property, thus subsequently securing a property. We are currently working on a website that would advertise directly at private landlords, looking to rent their properties to people receiving state benefits. We also advocate for families who may need additional fixture and fittings added to their homes that will improve their health and living conditions.